My services during the COVID-19 pandemic: I'm still here for you!

Currently, I am supporting families in-person with strict safety measures or virtually. Read more about my postpartum doula services below.

I am trained in Safety and Infection Control and Prevention and my goal is to provide safe and supportive care during these uncertain times. Please contact me to learn more about my strict safety measures and how I can support your family!

doula with mask

A new baby transforms your world. My postpartum doula support can help.

You are home with your baby, now what? Newborns need a lot of love and attention. And so do the parents! You've heard of the saying 'put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others'? Caring for a newborn is magical but also demanding not to mention exhausting. I can help guide you through the adjustment by providing caring support and the information you need to know. I help families so they can thrive in the postpartum period through nourishing and supportive care.

Postpartum doula care looks different for each family and my goal is to care for you so that you can thrive and care for your family.

As an experienced postpartum doula, I work with you to determine the best ways I can support you and your family. Postpartum doula support could include caring for your baby while you rest, feeding support, evidence-based information on mother and baby care, babywearing, help with older siblings, meal preparation and light housekeeping such as laundry and offering resources as needed.

Have a look at the services I offer below and then book a free 20-minute consultation with me to learn more!


Postpartum Doula Support

Choose between day time support or overnight support designed to get you some rest.

  • Initial free 20 minute consultation
  • Day time: personalized approach to support you and your family that can include newborn care, feeding, sleep, baby wearing, meal prep, light housecleaning, etc
  • Overnight: focused on parents getting rest while I care for your newborn (either bringing baby for feeding or using bottle)


Day Time: $35/hour plus HST (minimum 3 hours)

Overnight: $320 plus HST for 8 hours

Postnatal Fitness + Doula Support

Fitting exercise in after having a baby can be tricky. My personalized approach supports your needs and expectations.

  • Initial free 20 minute consultation
  • One comprehensive fitness assessment + personalized postnatal fitness plan
  • One 3-hour visit (includes one hour fitness session and two hours of baby care)

Investment: $250 plus HST

**Buy additional sessions for $150 plus for 3 hours

Virtual Postpartum Doula Support

Have questions or need to talk to an expert? Virtual support is an easy way for you to stay at home and have your questions answered.

  • Initial free 20 minute consultation
  • Virtual topics: including newborn care, feeding, sleep, baby wearing, your postpartum care, mental health, resources, etc

Investment: $75/hour plus HST

What if you could....
feel confident and supported during your transition into parenthood?