Client Love Notes

"We knew Erin would be a great fit with us right away when we met her due to her warm, open, supportive and knowledgeable demeanour. Her presence at the delivery was well worth the cost, especially for first-timers like us who were nervous. Her calm demeanour helped everyone in the delivery room. Our delivery way less stressful and Erin was there for us when we had questions".

- Kara and John, Gatineau parents

"I was so happy to have Erin attend the birth of my first child. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her to guide me through it. I was grateful to have had Erin there to help recommend positions and remind my husband to eat, but most importantly, I was glad to have her there as a witness".

- Erin R, first time Ottawa parent

"We absolutely loved having Erin as our doula for the birth of our first baby and she is pretty much the first person we called for our second pregnancy! She is the perfect support person, able to walk the fine line of the varying needs of a woman in labour and her partner. Her presence is comforting and pleasant. She is 100% committed to her clients, regardless of how long labour lasts or when it starts. I could not recommend her enough".

- Josée and Philippe, Gatineau parents

"Throughout my labour, Erin helped so much with pain management (I don’t think I could have gotten through it with no epidural without her) and was both my cheerleader and a calming presence as needed. Both my husband and I agreed that hiring her as a doula was well worth the expense, and recommend her to anyone who asks. In hindsight, my only regret is not hiring her for the birth of my first as well"!

- Catherine Clark, Ottawa mom

"Erin was fabulous as our doula. She walked us through the birth process and stimulated conversations between my husband and me. Erin was respectful and encouraging of my birth plan throughout delivery. She worked to make my birth experience exactly what I had hoped for. I truly had my dream "birth story" and this would not have felt possible without Erin by our side."

- Samantha, first time Ottawa mom

"Having a doula with us during the entire delivery gave both me and my partner reassurance, and having a set of (experienced) hands by our side the whole time just made me feel extra cared for and comforted. I recommend Erin in a heartbeat to anyone who is expecting, whether it’s your first go-around or not."
- Hayley and Fred, Gatineau parents

"Thanks to Erin's advice, labour and delivery went smoothly even if pushing was long. She made sure I was hydrated and had enough strength to push. She was by my side, encouraging me and helping me switch positions. She was such a huge help.  Everybody is always so focused on the baby that you forget the mother but Erin asked me how I was doing and how I was healing. I highly recommend her, she is amazing. Having that support in the delivery room made my birth experience so special".

- Maria Rosa and Clement, Gatineau parents

"Erin was such a great support to us throughout the entire process, from our first meeting to our post-natal visit (she still checks in with me - 7 months later!). She has a wealth of knowledge to share and her approach to birth coaching is direct and empathetic. We felt comfortable with her instantly. She is well versed with the protocols at the hospital and she worked seamlessly with the nurses and our GP. Erin makes a concerted effort to get to know her clients so that she can provide tailored care. She was realistic in her descriptions of what we would encounter but was so positive and encouraging".

- Karen and Dan, first time Ottawa parents

"Erin accompanied my husband and me during my scheduled c-section and was such a calming and reassuring presence. She helped me feel calm during the procedure and was also there to take pictures and hold the baby while my husband was at my side. Such a welcome support during an otherwise scary time. When she visited post-partum she brought a delicious meal and was always available for questions via text/phone... and there were many! I'd highly recommend her".

- Monica and Andreas, Ottawa parents

"Erin was such an important part of our birth preparation. In the prenatal visits, she listened carefully to our concerns, provided expert advice, and shared targeted resources (books, massage techniques, mental preparation, etc.). Her passion, expertise, and calm demeanour were just what we needed as we eagerly (and nervously) awaited the arrival of our first baby".
- Lauren and Cameron, first time Ottawa parents

"Erin a été mon ange gardien durant mon accouchement. Grâce à ses conseils précieux, j’étais bien préparée pour mon accouchement. Même si le jour j’ai accouché par C-Section sa présence à mes côté à fait toute la différence! Sa présence et son expérience font une grande différence de cette expérience unique de voir naître son bébé!"

- Khadija, maman d'Ottawa

"Erin’s warm calming aura made my husband and I feel at ease and allowed me to completely let go. I trusted that Erin would be able to pick up on my cues and support me in the ways I needed, which allowed me to focus all of my energy on letting go and bringing our baby into the world. My husband also liked having an experienced doula with us because Erin guided him to best support me, without ever taking his place or interfering in our moments. Erin is an incredible doula."

- First time Ottawa parents

"It was great to get to know Erin at the pre-visit and made us more comfortable with inviting her into the intimate setting of the delivery room. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to have the epidural-free birth that I had wanted. Her TENS machine was a huge help and that, along with her coaching, got me through labour. Erin generously took pictures right after the birth so we could just focus on being in the moment and bonding as a new family.

- Eli and Moshe, Ottawa first time parents

"With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Erin was able to calm my fears and made me feel as prepared as possible for an unpredictable event. She helped me breathe through contractions, massaged my back to lessen the pain, and encouraged me through it all so that I remained positive and strong. Erin is knowledgeable, attentive, thoughtful, and caring. I am incredibly grateful for all of her support and I feel blessed that she was part of my support team for the most important day of my life!"

-Lisa Colasante, first time Ottawa mom

"Erin supported me through the uncertainty of birth, getting in the right mindset and having a comfort measures plan. My husband was so appreciative of her support and experience as well since this was all a first for him too. Erin also helped me in early postpartum days when I really needed some time for self-care and emotional support adjusting to this new reality. The best thing I did was invest in a doula!"

- Racheal and James, Ottawa first time parents

"Erin was wonderful. She is bubbly and warm and made us feel comfortable right from the get-go. We found her prenatal meetings at our house particularly helpful in getting us familiar with what to expect and preparing us for the big day. She was very responsive, which was especially important in the days/hours leading up to our trip to the hospital. At the hospital, she was a helpful advocate and excellent support. We were very thankful we had Erin involved in our journey".

- Deborah and Jeremy, first time Ottawa parents

"Erin was incredibly supportive postpartum. She helped me with my little one and also provided me with a workout weekly that I could engage in. The workout was awesome, it always took my postpartum body into consideration and I felt myself getting stronger and stronger each week. Erin was very body positive and I never felt self-conscious working with her".

- First time Ottawa mom

During a very long labour, Erin was there, providing so much reassurance, comfort and support - both emotional and physical, such as helping with counter pressure and positions. We both believe that without Erin's help, I wouldn't have been able to get through the many hours of unmedicated induced labour. Even my midwife was also so impressed with Erin that she said she will be recommending her to clients looking for a doula!"

-Stacey and Duane, first time Ottawa parents

"Erin immediately felt like a family member, which for us was important because we have no family in Canada. Having an expert to help you navigate the experience like Erin did put our minds at ease and allowed us to focus on the joy that was about to enter our lives! Erin’s support continued at our home and she became the third pair of hands when we needed her. I don’t think we would have managed without her, and we will definitely be reaching out for her help for the next baby!"

- Marianne and Adam, Ottawa parents

"As first-time parents, we were overwhelmed. When Erin started coming to offer postpartum support, everything got easier. I'd been pumping for weeks, but Erin helped me adjust my positioning and latch, she showed us how to wrap the carrier properly. Doula care is so much more than just an extra pair of hands to help with the baby -- it's like having an experienced and loving guide to help you through the challenges of new parenthood".

- Carly and Eric, first time Ottawa parents