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Below are a collection of articles I've written to help new and expectant parents prepare for and understand birth, postpartum, babies and fitness. Enjoy!!

prenatal and postnatal fitness

Exercise during pregnancy in the COVID-19 pandemic

The winter season is upon us in Ottawa-Gatineau and with the continuing pandemic, many people are wondering how they are going to exercise during pregnancy (not to mention stay sane) throughout the long winter months. Getting outside can be a challenge while you are pregnant. While Gatineau Park is always open for some activity, the…


Having a baby during COVID-19 in Ottawa-Gatineau

During the initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic, I spent many hours on the phone and on Zoom as a listening ear with families who were grieving. Grieving the loss of a pregnancy that they thought would be filled with loving hugs and support from family and friends. Shaken by the uncertainty of their birth…

postpartum bathroom

Preparing your postpartum bathroom

Let’s get real about bathroom use after having a baby. Yes, it might be TMI for most, but as a doula, I’m passionate about making sure you have the right tools so you can thrive as you heal and take care of your baby. And your postpartum needs can definitely be one of those elements…

due date calendar

Why your due date is wrong

“You are pregnant?! Congratulations, _______”? What is the first thing we typically ask when we find out someone is pregnant: when are you due? Those words give us a time to fix on and to count down towards. We can set our apps and calendars so that we can calculate the baby’s growth. We plan…

packing hospital bag

Packing your birth bag

One of the first questions I get asked as a doula from my clients is, what do I really need to pack in my birth bag? Whether you are planning a home, birth centre or hospital birth, having a bag ready to go will make the arrival of your baby seem very real! It is…