My services during the COVID-19 pandemic: I'm still here for you!

GIVING BIRTH SOON? I can offer both in-person and virtual birth doula support. Read more about my birth doula services below.

I am trained in Safety and Infection Control and Prevention and my goal is to provide safe and supportive care during these uncertain times. Please contact me to learn more about my strict safety measures and how I can support your family!

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Personalized birth doula care for your birthing journey

Most parents feel overwhelmed as they enter parenthood- I know, I have been there!

Navigating the physical and emotional journey of birth and pregnancy can be challenging. Adding an experienced birth doula to your team has many documented benefits like increasing birth satisfaction or increasing your chance of vaginal birth and shorter labour.

As your birth doula and prenatal fitness specialist, I am dedicated to offering you personalized, compassionate and steadfast support.

Birth Doula Support: When we decide to work together, I am on-call for your birth and I am available to answer your questions by email, phone or text throughout your pregnancy. I will coach you through early labour and will come to your home when you need me. Or depending on your situation (fast birth, induction, cesarean, etc), I will meet you at your place of birth. Either way, I offer you CONTINOUS physical, emotional and informational support for you (and your team) for the duration of your birth and the 1-2 hours after your baby arrives.

Intrigued? Have a look at my birth doula packages at Ottawa Motherwit Doula Care.

I love my work - it fills my heart.

What if you could....
have a confident and supported birth experience?